The artist

Marie Lexmond (1957) started her formal Art training later in life and graduated in 2002 from Fontys, Academy for Autonom Art, The Netherlands in Textile and Conceptual Art.

Conceptual Art is not based on any specific technique or skill. It is the idea that is important to the conceptual artist and it is the idea itself that determines what form, techniques and materials are needed in the creation of an image. The end result can be varied. Sometimes an idea may barely take on form. At other times it may result in something more traditional and find a form in drawing, photographs, pictures, sculptures, or film. The material used is also varied and may include the use of household things such as food, or fish hooks, or anything else that lends itself to the creation of a particular installation.

Marie’s great love of fabrics is rooted in her life. Both her mother and father were accomplished in textile crafts. Her father was a shoe maker and her mother taught dress making. Marie sees textiles as being very close to people’s lives and she experiences fabrics as a second skin.

Marie likes working `in situ´, in special locations. These have included a butcher’s shop, a railway station and the Pump and Filter building of the Dutch State Mines. The location is more than just an exhibition space. It develops into part of the work. Sometimes even the people who are there become part of the work. Each art work is a total concept.

Her work as an artist is based on Psychosynthesis. Because for her, interacting with people and working as an artist are interwoven in such a way that they have synthesized into inseparable things where one cannot exist without the other. Her art projects usually take people’s behavior as a context.

It is important to challenge and shake up the fixed assumptions in people’s minds. She hopes to show people that different thoughts, feelings and experiences are possible, that we can be surprised by them and that our world can be enlarged.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal particulars

Name Marie Lexmond
Date of birth 08 february 1957
Birthplace Linschoten, The Netherlands


1997 - 2002 Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg: autonomous artist
2005 Kunstenaars & Co (Artists & Co), Amsterdam: Art and Phrasing


2001 Incentive Price of the city of Tilburg
2001 De Pont price (De Pont-studio 2001-2002)


2016 Win a place in a museum during Museumnight, Antwerpen, Belgium
2009 The New Moon, appreciation Award Museumnight, my work was part of the overall presentation of Photo Academy, Rotterdam


2016 Ongezien Talent (Unseen Talent), Museumnacht Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium
2016 Room for Transition and Initiation. Моя тетя России. Art Gouda, Gouda
2015-2016 Yellow Interior in 11.602 parts, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
2011 Flower Impressions 2011, Borgloon, Belgium
2010 Borderline Artspace Flipside, Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Tripkau, Germany
2010 Heiratsurkunde (certificate of marriage), Broeinest, Eindhoven
2009 RE: Photo Academy, Rotterdam, Museumnight, Rotterdam
2009 Burana Art 2009, Brunssum
2008 Party III, De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek (Dutch Cocoa Industry), Helmond
2008 The Dissecting-room – art under the knife – an anatomy lesson, deKunstClub (theArtClub), Eindhoven
2007 Balcony scenes, Sculptures outside/inside, Borne
2007 "Reflections: from Bosch To Art", 's-Hertogenbosch
2006 "Straitjacket", STOK, 's-Hertogenbosch
2005 [MI:T] Meet Meat, Eindhoven
2005 Be Present, Nyahururu, Kenia
2004 Ushio UPLighting Edge, Tilburg
2004 Studio Route Eindhoven
2004 Tickets & Service, NS Station Geldrop
2003 Present for the future, STOK, s-Hertogenbosch
2001 Final Exhibition, Charlotteoord, Tilburg
2001 011, Stage Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg
2001 “Met huid en Haar” (hide and Her/hair), National Inspection, De Meern,Utrecht
2000 Zinnebeelden (Symbols / lascivious pictures), Tilburg

marie lexmond