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Comparant III (Party III), Report in book form.

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On Friday night, May 21 three artists show a performance, within or not within the context of the "Broeinest"-theme for 2010: "the Russians are coming." Rudolph Korsten, award-winning poetryperformer from Nijmegen, brings his multimedia epic poem "Solis Saecerdotibus" (Only for the Initiated). Marie Lexmond, resident of Eindhoven, is a conceptual artist whose concepts do not remain ideas. The concept materializes and gets form by the artist. Her work is reflected through performances, installations, drawings, photographs and video. For the theme: "the Russians are coming" interviewed Marie her Russian aunt who after World War II came from Germany with Marie's uncle was a forced labourer during the war. This interview is the inspiration for a performance/installation on this evening. The Eindhoven-based artist Mark Dijkstra will show on this night a performance/installation titled "The place I live in". On a white tarpaulin stretched above the floor, a video is projected. Images from his neighborhood come and go through his actions. The whole is embedded in a sound collage, founded on consumption. Owning and gathering seem the main criteria that keep us going and distract us from real values.

Friday May 21 in "Broeinest"

Kanaaldijk-Noord 11, Eindhoven

Starting at 20:30



The Dutch term ‘Comparant’ means one who is a ‘Party’ to a legal agreement, as well as meaning someone who appears in court or who is held to account for something. In a figurative sense it means someone who frequents a specific place. Both the ‘appearing’ and the ‘frequenting’ seem to stand in sharp opposition to the starting point of this work process. The end result of this two and a half-year period of work by two visual artists, Kim Cornelius and Marie Lexmond, will be presented in the project area of the Cocoa factory in Helmond on Saturday 20 September.

Comparant III is the result of what they solemnly promised each other on 14 August 2004, recorded in a drawn up and signed legal document. One of them (Kim) went to live in Kenya for one and a half years, the other one (Marie) remained in Eindhoven.

The (game) rules of this document are extremely clear; all the usual means of communication were forbidden. At the same time keeping an artistic and friendship link through some communicating media was the aim and content of this contract and was necessary to fulfill the terms of their legal agreement.

The consequence was a communication-race with almost insurmountable obstacles. The impossibility of communicating led to the creation of methods that contained a new form of communication. In this way perhaps the essence of communication itself was touched upon and revealed.

The result? A strange picture of each other's sometimes misunderstood attempts at communication. The joy of the so longed for reunion is met with the depth and rawness of their mutual inability. How to pick up the broken thread after such a long period of radio silence?

Comparant III is the disconcerting consequence of a distance of 7000 miles. It is the harvest and result of what two artists had agreed in a sacred pact of Art.

Who was Comparant I and who has she become? Who was Comparant II and who has she become? Appearing to each other and accounting to each other is, after all, in accordance with the original meaning of ‘Comparant’

The book that is inevitably closing here, opens up a new horizon that we - from a suitable distance - can witness.

Mireille Houtzager
Eindhoven: September 1st, 2008


Art in Borne thrives in good climate, based on NoBody, Balcony scenes, Borne, Netherlands

….. a lady in a beautiful baroque dress, ready for a party, stands on the balcony. However ... the lady is missing. There is only a dress with no one in it! Involuntarily one thinks of the well-known poem by Genestet: "Be yourself, I said to someone, but he could not; He was no one ".

marie lexmond