Artists, like everyone else, have been affected by the current economic climate.

They have less money to spend on their work and the government has less money to give out in stipends and subsidies. There has also been a great reduction in business sponsorship.

But where would we be without the spiritual nourishment that Art provides? Buying a loaf of bread to feed the body is almost impossible for some people let alone food for the mind and soul. Marie fears that if Art is compromised there will be negative consequences for us all. She suspects that our collective humanity and human dignity will be damaged.

In his book ‘Real Presences’ George Steiner says "We must on the contrary preserve the executors of art, as they keep us morally, psychologically and spiritually awake, both in terms of responsibility and meaning. In a completely basic, practical sense the poem, sculpture, the sonata is not so much read, seen or heard as lived. The encounter with the aesthetic, along with some form of religious and metaphysical experience, is the most ‘boundary crossing’ transformative call the human experience has at its disposal."

If you agree with this fundamental idea you could consider supporting the artist or specific works financially. General financial contributions are welcomed as these help to fund work and project related activities. Donations to support specific projects are also needed. Works in progress are mentioned under ‘News’. Maybe there is work there that you feel you would like to support and with which you would like your name to be linked.

Furthermore, sometimes people clear out their attics. They can come across the most wondrous things and great creative materials that could be very useful to the artist. Do call or email her. Under 'News' she names the things that she needs for specific projects.

Sometimes extras are needed for certain projects, i.e. for performances.

Sometimes the realisation of a project requires many hands. It is a lot of fun to experience the making process as a volunteer.

Art students can apply for an internship.

What you get in return for your contribution:

For sponsorship or specific donations you can transfer money to ‘Beeldburo’. Bank account number: IBANL15INGB0009523113. If relevant, please state which project you are supporting.

If you wish to donate creative materials or other things or your own time and energy, then please call or email Marie. Thank you!

marie lexmond